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Story Arc Two

Sai and Yamato are introduced in it Sai a artistic ninja who annoys people in a calm way when they greet each other Sai says " So tell me are you a boy, or a girl? Naruto get angry but they get called to their mission. To get sasuke back. Quicly, they reach there lair and Sai disapears and they invade the lair. Sai confronts Sasuke he reveals his Sharingan and Sai feels a emotion. Fear. He finds The rest of the team. They find Orochimaru in front of then going to fight them when they get outside Kabuto and Orochimaru stand there wanting to fight them Naruto for the first time His Kyuubi breaks out into rage and becomes superior in stength over Orochimaru and he starts only to try to evade the the attacks to get away, he happens to get away by just a slip of his finger, Sai watches at the treetops and records all the event.

Story Arc Three

After that Zetsu, A Akatsuki, finds the body of Kisame and thinks that's him but looking like him but human. the fake one and Sasori to devour to leave no proof of there group.With Him Tobi becomes an Akatsuki by taking the ring of Sasori. At the Akatsuki HQ The leader is reaveled and her companion. Pain and Konan . They declared for Hidan and Kakuzu and Hidan to retreive the two tails I'm not sure of how the battle went. but coming back they meet Shikamaru's team to kill them its a battle with Naruto vs Kakuzu and Shikamaru vs Hidan. The two Akatsuki die in a very strange battle Hidan gets trapped under a bunch of rocks with a bombing.( Hidan doesn't die he actually is immortal ) and Kakuzu dies by beig tricked by a doppelganger then killed with a Rasengan. While the battle took place some Akatsuki went after the Four Tailed Demon. They got to beat it. Next Sasuke has been training with Orochimaru. Orochimaru's plan is to take the body of Sasuke, but once he does , He dies instead of Sasuke, and is absorbed.

Story Arc One.

Deidara Heads to Sunagakure to collect the one tailed Biju of the sand Shukaku by capturing the Jinchuruki Host Gaara Of The Dessert.. He uses bombs to kill the bodyguards. He then gets to him they soon got to Gaara. and Naruto and Kakashi follow kakashis tries his new Sharingan the Mangeyko Sharingan he tries to kill him with it but he fails only to rip Deidara'a arm off with it. Sakura then meets Granny Chiyo. she is a old and very wise woman she is the grandma of Sasori, but Sakura really cares for her. When the battle starts. Sasori is in Akatsuki and fights them. Saskura's training with tsunade finally pays off she attacks with eath shattering attacks ( literally ) After Deidara and And after the battle Sasori is dead and they rescue Gaara. But he is dead cause the Akatasuki took his demon that which the effect is killing the host. Granny Chiyo attemtps to revive Gaara by sending her Chakra and Naruto helps and Gaara is Alive. But, Granny Chiyo is dead after that they go to the funeral and for the first time Gaara shakes hands with Naruto. Kakashi is being carried with Might Guy to the hospital in Konohagakure Team Gai was assined to head to the Akatsuki HQ and they met up at with Kisame and Itah Fighting Kisame and it was a fight with water jutsu and Taijutsu battle in the end Kisame is dead. and he was killed by Naruto's new Jutsu. Odama Rasengan Or Giant Rasengan. and they both ended out to be decoys while the real Itachi and Kisame are searching for the other Biju.

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